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My Philosophy

    My goal above all is to introduce to the many who have a need authentic herbal remedies to some of the most common and serious health problems afflicting people worldwide. I understand that there are many less than reputable sources selling herbs online but would like to distinguish myself from them by providing you with references to some of the most important texts and researchers in the world. I make no claim to have discovered anything new, I rely on thousands of years of study and practice which is ongoing and constantly improving to put together formulas that can effectively help people heal now.

With a modern diet and lifestyle that causes disharmony within our bodies and leads to serious conditions for which western medicine has found few cures or even ways to modestly improve them, we must look to the Earth and to the wisdom of those who used what we have always had available to improve our health and quality of life.

Doctors can keep people alive, but they cannot keep them healthy. When one medication must be taken just to counteract the side effects of another, which warrants another to combat the new side effects, then we have began a process of "healing" that wrecks our finances as well as our bodies and that often never ends.

There are many cases where there is no help outside of western pharmaceuticals, but the vast majority of commonly diagnosed diseases can be addressed in a different fashion. I would argue that the only way to deal with any set of symptoms is to go to its root, and this means that one must take a holistic view of the body that takes into account not only the culmination of long standing disharmonies as a specific disease, but the actual disharmonies themselves.

I subscribe to the Five Elements School of Chinese therapy, which at its core is a study of the relationship between different organs and the problems that can develop when there is a conflict or disharmony between them. These conflicts occur when one organ becomes weak or strong in relation to another and can usually only be resolved fully or partially through a modification of ones diet and through herbal remedies that help restore harmony.

I have created a set of formulas with benefits that go far beyond the label. That is because we must restore balance to the entire body in order to truly heal a specific problem as the body has the most important role of all in fighting any disease. Therefore the Eye See Well and Cancer Support formulas will both similarly raise ones vitality even as they help in their specific functions.

All herbs are authentic Chinese, of the highest quality, and none are synthetically grown.

Any statements or products contained on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to convince the reader of a particular course of action.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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